New York LaGuardia International Airport (LGA)
Car Parking

(New York, New York - NY, USA)

Passengers and travelers wishing to drive to New York's busy LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and leave their vehicle in the car park will discover a number of different options available. There are a total of four main parking zones (lots) at LaGuardia, each of which comes complete with its own set of multi-storey garages and spaces.

These four designated zones are referred to simply as 'A, 'B', 'C' and 'D', with the different parking tariffs being clearly signposted and color-coded, to indicate their distance from the relevant terminal buildings. Parking zone 'A' at LaGuardia International Airport is best suited to passengers headed for the Marine Air Terminal, while 'B' is situated next to the Central Terminal Building (CTB), 'C' alongside the US Airways Terminal, and 'D' next to the Delta Terminal.

Of note, the automated parking system known as 'E-ZPass Plus' is in operation at all LaGuardia Airport car parks, suiting those who are short of time. Other payment options include an 'ExpressPay' machine in each of the terminals, and a departure lane signed as 'Cash or Credit Card Only'.


Those looking for short-term car parking at New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA) should note that all zones offer applicable tariffs, where by the first 30 minutes is charged, followed by subsequent hours and a maximum daily rate for a 24-hour period. These daily park lots can be used for some 30 days at this rate and are popular with drivers dropping-off and collecting passengers.


Long-term and reduced-rate car parking is situated close to the airport's Central Terminal Building in car parking area 'Lot 3'. Spaces are limited and regular courtesy shuttle buses are available, connecting this parking area to the main terminal buildings. The tariff is charged on a daily basis for the first two days, and then for periods of eight hours.


Metered car parking is available at New York LaGuardia Airport and situated close to the Marine Air Terminal building in Zone A - area 6. Parking times here are charged per 15 minutes, being limited to a maximum overall time of two hours only.

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